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Life Fulfilled

Who are we? Imperfect people in an imperfect world devoted to a perfect Savior. The only thing that really sets us apart is our complete reliance on God. Whatever our talents and abilities we may have, we can do nothing that is truly good without.

For us, God is revealed in Jesus, the Living Word, and the Bible, the written Word. In Jesus and the Bible, God makes known to us His grace and His truth. Without exception, God loves every person unconditionally, but God also teaches us his uncompromising truth. Through the Holy Spirit, we seek to follow the only person who was able to embody God's grace and truth perfectly: Jesus Christ, the perfect Savior.

As imperfect people, we must walk in humility and repentance every day. Our only hope and confidence comes from God's unfailing love for us. We choose each day to believe the good news that God transforms us through His love and guides us through His truth. That's who we are.